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TOURS - Option 2: Down Memory Lane

Frequency Friday 4 October 2013
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Duration: around 5 hours
Minimum operation: 10 persons
Price: HK$525 per person
Meals: Lunch for morning departure
Snack for afternoon departure


A tour that walks you through the history of Hong Kong, from the early trading to colonial era and to modern Hong Kong.


Take the Mid-levels Uphill Escalators for a guided tour to experience the bustling lifestyle and the living culture of Hong Kong. This 800-metre-long series of hillside escalators linking Central and the Mid-Levels carries 30,000 people a day and is comprised of 20 sections.

Hollywood Road is not related to Hollywood, California at all, it was named Hollywood because there were many Holly Trees planted here in the old days. See if you can find one now!!

Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road is one of the oldest Taoist temple in Hong Kong which is dedicated to the "god of literature" and "god of martial arts". See how the people asked their fortune using the bamboo chims and have their fortune told by the fortune teller.

Stroll along the Upper & Lower Lascar Lanes (Also known as Cat Street Antique Market) and hunt for your treasures. Remember to bargain with the seller with this simple Cantonese phrase: "Pang D La".

Possession Point is the location where the Royal Navy landed on Hong Kong Island, before the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. The commander of Far East Fleet, James John Gordon Bremer, came to Hong Kong via the HMS Calliope in 1841. A flag raising and gun ceremony marked the official possession of Hong Kong. This point was very close to the waterfront at that time, it is amazed to see how far Hong Kong extended its shoreline by reclamation

Nam Pak Hong is the dried seafood and Chinese herbs market. Learn about the trading mode in the early days which still practice today. See the precious ingredients that Chinese used to live a healthy life. Don't miss the chance to consult a Chinese herbiest to and get some advises of how to keep healthy.

Lunch at a local restaurant to enjoy typical Cantonese Dim Sum for morning departures and typical afternoon tea at a Hong Kong style café "Char Chan Ten" for afternoon departures.

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