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TOURS - Option 1: Under the Lion Rock

Frequency Thursday 3 October 2013
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Duration: around 5 hours
Minimum operation: 10 persons
Price: HK$525 per person
Meals: Lunch for morning departure


Take this tour to visit the world famous "No Man's Land", experience the daily life of Hong Kong's housewives at the wet market, learn the basic concepts of the mystic Chinese geomancy of Fung Shui and see how popular is the "Wish Granting god"


Kowloon Walled City Park - The Kowloon Walled City Park occupies one of the most historic sites in the territory. Once strategically located at the north-eastern corner of the Kowloon peninsula was used by imperial officials from the Chinese feudal dynasty when Hong Kong was ceased to British rule. This was once called the "No Man's Land" because after the Qing Dynasty was overthrown and the Republic of China was founded, neither the Chinese or British government, nor the Hong Kong Colonial office wants to lay their hands on it, thus is called "No Man's Land".

Wong Tai Sin Temple - This unique temple has 3 religions under one roof, Taoism, Buddhism and Confuciusism. Wong Tai Sin is the most popular Taoist god worshipped in Hong Kong and also known as "wish granting god" as many people asked their fortune and have their wishes made to him by using "chims" and "Buddha's lips" wooden blocks.

Get a aerial view from the foot of Lion Road looking south to Hong Kong island at Lung Cheung Road Lookout Point. To locate the Dragon's den of Hong Kong in Fung Shui landscape aspect, draw an imaginary line from the foot of the Lion Rock to the foot of the Victoria Peak and pin the mid-point. You will find Mongkok, which means "busiest corner" and this is where all the good energy condensed.

Lunch at a local restaurant to enjoy typical Cantonese Dim Sum for morning departures and typical afternoon tea at a Hong Kong style café "Char Chan Ten" for afternoon departures.

Jade Market - Jade is worn by most of the Chinese people because they believed that jade can protect the wearer and kept them away from evil spirits. Unlike some precious metal such as gold or platinum, jade's value is not determined by its weight and can also be affordable. You can pick up some small items here and these are great souvenirs for your friends at home.

Wet Market is where Hong Kong housewives do their daily shopping for food. They pick their favourites from stalls selling fresh produces, poultries and fishes. Now is the best time of the year to try some of the fresh tropical fruits such as Lychee, Longan or even the strong pungent Durain. Ask the seller and they will recommend some sweet and juicy ones to you.

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