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Accepted Abstracts - Winners of Awards
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Best Abstract (Oral) Award Winners
1. Authors: Rajiv Mahajan, Anthony G. Brooks, Nicholas J. Shipp, Jim Manavis, John P.M. Wood, John Finnie, BVSc, Chrishan Samuel, Dennis H. Lau, Kurt C. Roberts-Thomson, Prashanthan Sanders (Australia)
Title: Obesity and AF: reversal of obesity related pro-fibrotic factors expression, fibrosis regression and electro-structural reverse remodelling with weight reduction

2. Authors: Hyewon Park, Hyelim Park, Hui-Nam Pak, Moon-Hyoung Lee (South Korea)
Title: Alpha B-crystallin prevents the arrhythmogenic effects of myocarditis by attenuating oxidative stress

3. Authors: Tomos E Walters, Steven Spence, Marco Larobina, Victoria Atkinson, Jonathan M Kalman (Australia)
Title: Electrophysiology of the PV-LA junction during acute stretch in humans: conduction slowing and complex fractionated electrograms

Young Investigator (Oral) Award Winners
1. Authors: Luigi Di Biase, Pasquale Santangeli (United States)
Title: Does termination of atrial fibrillation during ablation of long standing persistent atrial fibrillation predict the outcome at follow-up? results from a prospective randomized study

2. Authors: Alex Mclellan, L Ling, A Ellims, L Iles, S Azzopardi, J Morton, J Kalman, A Taylor, P Kistler (Australia)
Title: Diffuse ventricular fibrosis measured by T1 mapping on cardiac MRI predicts success of atrial fibrillation ablation

3. Authors: Ngai-Shing Mok, Ho-Cheung Shum, Ying-keung Lo, Chun-Leung Lau, Chi-Bun Tso, Wai-Ming Poon, Chloe Mak, Kam-Cheong Lee (Hong Kong)
Title: Causes of sudden cardiac death among young victims - a five-year review of autopsies done in Hong Kong

CSPE Best Abstract (Oral) Award Winners
1. Authors: Qina Zhou, Baopeng Tang, Xianhui Zhou (China)
Title: Catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation significantly inhibits atrial fibrillation induced by electrical stimulation of the left stellate ganglion and rapid atrial pacing

2. Authors: Xin-hua Wang (China)
Title: A novel individualized substrate modification approach for the treatment of long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (LPAF): preliminary results

3. Authors: Qingyan Zhao, SB Yu, JP Xiao, ZX Dai, XL Wang, CX Huang (China)
Title: Effects of renal sympathetic denervation on the development of atrial fibrillation substrates in dogs with pacing-induced heart failure

CSPE Young Investigator (Oral) Award Winners
1. Authors: Chunsheng An, Ji Yan, Jian Xu, Xizhen Fan, Xianling Sun, Hao Su, Kangyu Chen, Dongmei Yang, Xiangyang Huang (China)
Title: Feasible and effective predictor of cardiac resynchronization therapy: paced left ventricular QRS width

2. Authors: Liansheng WANG, H.J. Lin, J. Qin (China)
Title: Invasive ablation for atrial fibrillation aided by sparse imaging of epicardial potentials

3. Authors: Peide Zhang, Wei Wang , Xin Wang, Xu Wang, Yunhu Song, Jing Zhang, Hui Zhao (China)
Title: Focal adhesion kinase mediates atrial fibrosis via the AKT/S6K signaling pathway in chronic atrial fibrillation patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease

Best Poster Award Winner
Authors: Yap-hang Chan, KK Lau, KH Yiu, YF Yiu, SW Li, TH Lam, CP Lau (Hong Kong)
Title: PR prolongation strongly predicts new-onset myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, heart failure and cardiovascular death in coronary patients or risk equivalent: a 5-year clinical-pathophysiological study

Young Investigator (Poster) Award Winner
Authors: Mohit Singla, G.J. Gross (Canada)
Title: Prevalence and significance of early repolarization variant in children with syncope: a case control study

Chaired Poster (Ablation) Award Winner
Authors: Sachin Nayyar, Pawel Kuklik, Anand Ganesan, Prashanthan Sanders, Kurt Roberts-Thomson (Australia)
Title: Low entropy in the sub-endocardial scar can localize ventricular tachycardia supporting channels in post-infarct ventricles

Chaired Poster (Basic & Translation Science) Award Winner
Authors: D Chapman, P Sanders, P Kuklik (Australia)
Title: Spiral wave pivots; localisation with high density square or circular electrode layout

Chaired Poster (Challenging Case) Award Winner
Authors: AM Nisbet, D Zentner, L Grigg, JM Kalman (Australia)
Title: Arrhythmic sequelae of the fontan procedure: impact of fontan type on pattern and prevalence of arrhythmias

Chaired Poster (Device) Award Winner
Authors: Seth Worley, M Patel, M Bernabei, D Belardi, D Gohn (United States)
Title: Snare assisted left ventricular lead placement: results, safety and feasibility in 31 patients